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Triton - Adoption Pending

... Triton is an almost 5-year male who was turned over to us when the family got a new puppy after having Triton for some time and choose the puppy over Triton. Triton loves walks with the foster parents, ear rubs and a good cookie. He had some issues with food guarding but his foster Mom says “In his stay with us I have been working with Triton on appropriate mess hall manners. He is now comfortable with having cookies in the same space as his kennel mate. I have always fed the dogs in separate areas and there have been no issues to date.” Triton would be a great dog for someone who would have him inside (he was housebroken and would pick that behavior back up if inside) making him part of the family. So far encounters with cats have been met with curiosity but no aggression. Being an only dog would suit him just fine but a female dog as a companion would be good also. He is excellent on lead, and in public settings and has basic obedience training.

Being fostered in Shata County.*

Adoption Application

*Be willing to travel to the foster home where the dog in which you are interested is being housed to meet with the dog and its foster family.