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Adoption Application


We will keep the toll free line available to those who have already adopted from us and might need to get in touch with us for some reason but we will NOT be checking it daily.

Also, please DO NOT CALL the toll free line regarding the puppies.
If you have questions/concerns please contact us via email
or by using the Private Message feature on Facebook.

Also PLEASE add to your accepted emails so that your program won't send them to the junk folder. OR check your junk folder if you don't hear from us in a reasonable amount of time (48-72 hours).

Thank you for your cooperation!

This form is quite lengthy so it might be best to use a full sized keyboard to fill it out!

A property/fence inspection is REQUIRED and will be done before adoption is completed.

If you are not comfortable with this requirement, please do not submit an application.

First name(s)  
Last name(s)  
Street Address
City, State Zip    
Note: Applications from outside Northern California will be submitted to the GPCA National Rescue Coordinator.
Phones Home:  
e-Mail Address
Why do you want a Great Pyrenees?
Are you ready for a Pyr now?
If not, when will you be ready?
Are you interested in a particular dog on our website?
If so, which dog and why?
Yes   No
Please be aware that the dog you are interested in might already be in the process of being adopted and no longer available when we get your application

Have you ever owned a Great Pyrenees before?

No. I never owned a Great Pyrenees

When ?
Where did you obtain it?
What happened to it?
Who is this Pyr for?
If single, your age Do you live alone?
Yes  No
Do you live with family?
Yes   No
Do all adults in household work outside the home? Yes
How many children at home?  Their ages?
Who will be responsible for Pyr?
Living situation
If renting, does lease allow pets? Yes  No
Note: if renting, a letter of permission may be required of your landlord
Will you be moving within the next year? Yes   No If yes, when?
If you have no fencing, stop here. Do not submit this form
GPRNC will not place a Great Pyrenees in an unfenced home.

NOTE: In ground electric fencing does NOT constitute secure fencing for adoption consideration.
Do you have a yard with 6-ft fence on all sides? Yes
Describe your yard fencing Height:
Do you live on acreage? Yes  Number of acres:
Is the acreage fenced? Yes
Please fully describe your fencing
Is the fence secure and solid? Yes  No I'm not sure
What types of gates to you have?
Can children open the gates? Yes   No
What type of improvements are needed to provide a secure yard?
When can you make the improvements and how long will they take?
Do you have a pool or outdoor spa? Yes  No
If yes, is it fenced?
Describe the cover
Fenced   Not fenced
Do you have a dog run? Yes  Size:   No dog run
Will the dog run secure a large dog? Yes   No
Have you checked your yard for dangerous articles, plants or anything a dog might use to climb a fence? Yes No.
Are there any distractions outside your yard which could plague the dog (i.e., a neighbor's dog, loose dogs on street, mischievous children, etc)? Yes No
Can strangers gain access to your yard from the street? Yes   No
Are there any allergies to pets in your household? Yes   No
Do you have any other pets?
What kind and sex?
Yes   No
Where did you get your pet and how long have you had it?
Continuation of heartworm meds is essential to maintaining the health of your dog once adopted. Are you willing to continue preventative care? Yes   No
Are your current pets vaccinated?
If not, why not?
Yes   No
If you don't own a pet now,have you ever had one? Yes   No
How long did you own them and what happened to them?
If you have other animals, what is your main problem with them?
If you have other dogs, would you consider them dominant submissive to people
If you have other dogs, would you consider them dominant submissive to dogs.

If you have other animals (birds, rabbits, livestock, etc) are you prepared to spend the appropriate amount of time required to accustom them and the new dog to each other?

Yes  No I need more information about how to do this.

Is your lifestyle such that friends, relatives and children can gain admittance to your home, property or car without your supervision? Yes   No
If you have children, have you taken the time to teach them the proper way to treat a living animal? Yes   No
Are you aware, and willing to accept, that the dog may not like all of your children's friends and may need to be kept apart from them? Yes   No
Does everyone in the family want a dog? Yes  No
What other breeds have you investigated?
What is your family's overall reaction to owning a dog and what concerns have been voiced?
Are you aware that Pyrs BARK? Yes   No
Will barking cause a problem in your life? Yes   No
If necessary to control barking, would you be willing to use commercial deterrents (bark collars, citronella)? Yes   No
How do you feel about surgical debarking?
Do you realize that a Great Pyrenees typically lives for 10-12 years and that you are committed to care for it that long? Yes  No
While a Pyr enjoys a daily walk - and if properly conditioned can go for hikes with you - they are definitely NOT joggers. Have you and your family carefully considered how a dog would fit into your lifestyle? Yes   No
If you get a young dog, early socialization is the key to developing a well-balanced adult Pyr. This means taking your dog into crowded areas outside of your home and having strangers pet the dog; You must be willing and able to expend the proper amount of time and energy to expose your dog to other dogs, people and children.
Are you likely to attend obedience classes with the dog? Yes   No
What kind of work/behaviors do you expect of this dog?
What amount of time and effort do you want to devote to training a dog?
What are your training objectives?
What is your definition of disciplining a dog?
Do you have a gender preference? Male   Female   Either sex
Would you consider the opposite sex? Yes   No
Would you consider a cross-bred, that is, a dog that is part Pyrenees? Yes   No
Check all the age groups you would accept: Under one year
One to Three Years
Four to Six Years
Seven to Nine years
Are you able and willing to take a dog with special needs (medical care or training issues)? Yes   No
Are you agreeable to returning the dog should unforeseen circumstances arise wherein you could no longer properly care for the dog? Yes   No
Our dogs are being cared for in foster homes throughout the State. Please indicate the area to which you are willing to travel to meet the dog; in most cases, the adoption procedure may require an initial trip to meet the dog and a second trip to pick it up.

Be willing to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area to visit dog.
Be willing to travel to Sacramento Valley to visit dog.
Be willing to travel to El Dorado County (Hwy 50) to visit dog.
Be willing to travel to Placer County (Hwy 80) to visit dog.
Be willing to travel to Sonoma County to visit dog.
Be willing to travel to the San Joaquin Valley to visit dog.
Be willing to travel to Shasta County to visit dog.

How did you find out about us?
Your comments and suggestions are welcome:
By checking the box next to my name below, I am indicating that I am the person who's name appears at the top of this application. I have answered the questions honestly and to the best of my ability.

Thank you for taking the time to allow us to get to know you a little better. Your cooperation in filling out this questionnaire helps us to place the right dog for your family. An improper placement, or one in which all the details aren't known can end tragically, usually for the dog. Print out these pages for your own records, then press the "Submit" button below. Each application is given careful consideration. When we have a dog which we feel needs the kind of home you have offered, you will be contacted and asked to come to the foster home to get acquainted.

All dogs offered are spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Our adoption fees are :

  • $500 for pups under 6-months of age;
  • $400 for pups 6-months but under 12-months of age;
  • $350 for dogs over 12-months of age;
  • $450 for those dogs evaluated to be suitable as Family Farm Dogs;
  • special arrangements may be made for senior dogs or those with special needs.

All dogs are offered without warranty of any kind.

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