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Alumni - Look who's been adopted!!

  • John and Sarah
    Landon got adopted by John and Sarah and family.
  • Jack and Diana
    Jack is the tri-pawed dog that we helped with the help of the vets at Sacramento Animal Hospital. Diana was fostering and helping with his care...then she decided to adopt him now his HOME!
  • The Susa's and Lucy
    Lucy went from being at a foster home to being at her forever home with Marie and John Susa.
  • The Montgomery's and Ruffus!
    Ruffus has been bounced from place to place over the last several years and then found himself being fostered with Jim and Julie. They loved him and he loved them so foster family became adopted family!
  • Bojo
    Bojo is at home on a ranch in Cool. We'll replace this pic with one of him and his mom once she sends it to us.
  • Hani and Sabina
    Hani and Sabina have a 6-month old pyr boy so they thought getting a sister for him would be a great addition to their family. They were the first to adopt a "Necco puppy". They fell in love and took Nikki home!
  • Lauren and Nina
    Lauren grew up with a pyr girl named Bell. Now that she owns her own home it was time to recreate that childhood memory. Nina is now her girl!
  • Ed and Evelyn
    Ed and Evelyn are long time pyr owners and rescue supporters/volunteers. They decided after fostering Giz that he need to come live with them...they wanted a friend for him and Necco seemed the best fit. Now everyone is happy in their forever homes.
  • Rich and Carol
    Nash went to live with Rich, Carol and their 8 year old daughter.
  • Margaret adopted Noble
    After 2 years of waiting, Margaret finally got her puppy. She waited until she had a home and the time to spend on a puppy and Noble is the lucky guy to go home with her. She plans to walk in Golden Gate Park so if you see a pretty lady with a big dog you'll know who it is!
  • Opal went home!
    Opal is now hanging out with Mike and Trixie and their kids and watching over some very fancy chickens. They love her and report that "she's the best do ever!!" We love a happy ending!!
  • Christine and Slim
    Poindexter wasn't in the program very long...once he went up on Facebook he had Christine's heart in his paw. He went to live "the life" only 9 days after being brought to GPRNC. The shortage stay so far....
  • Debra and Jeff with Wilco
    After being "bounced" around Quinn landed himself a spot in our program and now he's found a great home with Debra and Jeff and is now being called Wilco.
  • Angelica took Raleigh HOME!
    Raleigh is a pyr/samoyed cross and we thought we'd have a hard time placing him...but Angelica fell in love and that was that....she will be camping, hiking and hanging out with Raleigh!
  • Adoption Day for Rosie
    This is Rosie (now Chopine) with her "brother" Magnum hiking the day she went home.
John and Sarah
John and Sarah
Landon got adopted by John and Sarah and family.