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The dogs pictured on this site are available for adoption through Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California. To be eligible to adopt one of these rescue dogs you must:

  • Live in Northern California (north of the Tulare-Kings-Monterey County lines), southern Oregon or western Nevada (view our service area map)
    Note: we do NOT service Southern California
  • Have fencing secure enough to confine a Great Pyrenees.
    Note: buried or "invisble" fencing alone is not considerd "secure fencing". Conventional electric fencing must be part of a wire or board fencing system as well.
  • Be willing to continue heartworm preventative already started.
  • Fill out the adoption application.
  • Have a telephone interview with a Director of the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California after your application has been reviewed.
  • Travel to the foster home where the dog in which you are interested is being housed to meet with the dog and its foster family.
  • Pay an adoption fee when you actually pick up the dog:
    • $500 for pups under 6 months of age;
    • $400 for pups 6-months but under 12-months of age;
    • $350 for dogs over 12-months of age;
    • $450 for those dogs evaluated to be suitable as Family Farm Dogs;
    • special arrangements may be made for senior dogs or those with special needs.

When your application is filled out and returned, a telephone interview will be arranged. During this interview, additional information may be requested about your living situation and desire for a dog, and you may ask questions about any of the dogs you see on these pages, or about Great Pyenees dogs in general. All Great Pyrenees placed have been given full health examinations by one of our vets, have been neutered/spayed, heartworm tested and brought up-to-date on shots. Final decision for matching dog and prospective owner rests with the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California. Our mission is to find a permanent home for every dog in our care - not to simply place a dog with every person who requests one.

There may be dogs in the care of Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California who are not pictured here; the dogs pictured may be placed before your application is received. And as with people, not all dogs photograph well. Some of these dogs come to us ungroomed, under- or over-weight, and they don't resemble the pictures of show dogs, or even well-loved pets, on other sites. Be assured that we do everything within our power to place our dogs in the best possible home, where their well-being is given primary importance.

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Please Read!

On November 1, 2015, Debi Carpadus resigned as a director of the GPRNC. She now lives in Idaho. Her letter began thus:
"Hi Terry,
"As of today I am resigning my position as the Director for Great Pyrenmees Rescue of Northern California. You and I were the last members of this board therfore, you being the seating member, this makes you the Director. I know you will do a good job."

A new Board of Directors has been constituted under the Bylaws of GPRNC with Terry Garratt as Chair. Although experienced valujnteers have been appointed to the Board, neither Randy nor Debi Carpadus are members of the Board. However, all actions taken by Randy Carpadus in an effort to recover Rescue funds and property were taken at the direction of the GPRNC Board of Directors.

Therefore, although her past service to Rescue is acknowledged and appreciated, Debi Carpadus is no longer authorized to act in any way for GPRNC.

Terry Garratt, Chairperson GPRNC
Catherine de la Cruz, Secretary