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Meet our volunteers!

Bonnie Saeedi "The first Pyr I ever saw was in the cartoon, Belle and Sebastian. Vowed I would have one someday. A few decades later and a big thank you to Steve, who understood. Now we have four; Chloe, Layla, Remy and Sierra. My big, four-legged, furry children.

Steve Saeedi "After years of convincing by my wife to get a dog, I finally capitulated and today we have four GPRs. It's important for us to help those who help the rescued ones."

Kate McKinley "I've loved the breed ever since one warned me off his farm in the Pyrenees mountains many years ago. Now I finally have a big white dog of my own, I wanted to help out others."

Tyler Carpadus "How/why I got into Rescue? I was a kid and my parents made me. I stayed because I love the breed and I love helping the dogs that need it."

Ginger Hess

Ginger Hess "I became involved with rescue due to the fact that I had to put one of my pyrs into rescue. I was so impressed with the fact that rescue tried so hard to help me keep my dog, but my dog would not cooperate. Rescue succeeded in finding him a forever home and he managed to live until he was 12 years old.

When it was time for me to get another dog, I went back to rescue. I knew what type of dog would work for our situation and was able to adopt the perfect pyr. I learned so much from my connections with rescue that I wanted to help other owners keep their pyrs if possible and help other dogs find their forever homes. These dogs are so special, they deserve nothing but the best."

Ed and Evelyn Dimarco

We are Evelyn & Ed DiMarco. We came into rescue around 1998 while we were looking for a family dog. We had done our research and had it narrowed down to two breeds, one of course being Great Pyrenees. After a short search we came across the GPRNC website. We gave them a call and on the other end was Debi Carpadus. She invited the whole family up to visit and meet the breed. We still remember that day – she invited us in and then saw the most beautiful dogs standiing on the other side of the patio door. They were HUGE. We fell in love with the breed. We have learned a lot since then and continue to learn with every rescue. We support rescue because we want to pass on the love we've received from our dogs through the years, make sure people understand what they are getting into when you have a Pyr, and share the knowledge gleaned from Debi, Randy and other volunteers.

Shelly Fullerton

Shelly Fullerton "It was love at first sight when my parents got a pyr for our home in rural Fresno County foothills. As an adult I have owned two and as a volunteer fostered three where I get an intense satisfaction giving these dogs a second chance."

Tori Gamboa

Tori Gamboa "I am professional dog groomer whose love for the breed brought me into the rescue. I currently have a Pyrenees mix of my own and enjoy helping other Pyrenees in need."