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The Story of Jack... the 3 legged Pyr

Jack came to the attention of GPRNC when we got a call from the Oakdale Animal Shelter. They had a male Pyr in their program that was "limping". They had a local vet evaluate the injury and it looked to him/her like a complication to an old surgery event.

We decided to take him from the shelter and to have him evaluated at Sacramento Animal Hospital. (The vets there have seen 100+ Great Pyrenees). The shelter arranged transport via the Oakdale Shelter Pet Alliance so Jack was moved from the shelter to the vet office for examination.

Upon arrival the staff found a very sweet, lovable, gorgeous, tall male pyr with a bum leg. He wasn't "limping"! He couldn't extend or use the leg AT ALL!

Dr. True called to tell us the results of the exam. The leg was useless due to a prior surgery gone bad. There was no saving the leg as it had an infection in it and the infection was going to kill Jack eventually. On top of the leg issue Jack presented positively for heartworms.

At this point only two options:

  • euthanize Jack
  • fix the leg at a cost of $3000!

The staff at the hospital wouldn't let us euthanize him...which we didn't want to do either...he was just way too sweet and good tempered. SO now we had to find a way to raise $3000 before the infection in his leg killed him.

We turned to Social Media to run a campaign to raise the neccesary funds.

We were also able to secure a Corporate Sponsor with Penofin Fine Finishes. They agreed to "match" dollar for dollar what we could raise. In addition to the vet clinic reduced their costs in order to make this possible.

Over the course of 7 days (or less probably) we were able to raise the neccessary funds for Jack to have his leg amputated, the only hope in saving his life.

He under went the surgery, was being fostered by one of the vets (Diana Reyes) so that she could monitor his care with out him having to be at the clinic 24/7... who fell so hopelessly in love with him that she has decided to adopt him!

He's currently undergoing treatment for the heartworms but is expected to make a full recovery and live a long and happy life!!

Jack's Photo Gallery has some images of his surgery. Please view with that in mind.